Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy days aren't so bad.

Again new things happened that I will never forget, and old things came to the surface. I realized that music and group singing really does bring everyone together and that I still do not like being in cars for an extended period time. Also that no matter how I feel, great landscapes and ibuprofen make up for it.

The day began with checking out of the best hotel in the world. I wish we could have stayed there for a longer time. I loved the atmosphere and the area much better than Dublin, but don’t get me wrong I loved Dublin for what it was, a city. Dublin was great for going out, meeting others and having the accessibility to our media visits, but I was waiting for this week for the small towns and quiet air.

Our first stop of the TEN-hour bus ride to Killarney was the Kerry Bog Museum. The different houses set up for the exhibit were interesting because everything to the plates and wood in the fireplace were all there. I also got a real life demonstration of how they mated their livestock by two horny teenage ponies. Other than that I got a lot of interesting photos because of the way the minimal sunlight was hitting the beds and different household things in the little huts.

Next stops: around the Ring of Kerry. I don’t remember how many times we stopped, all I remember is starting at a statue of Charlie Chapman, taking a bunch of photographs right down by the beach area and getting soaked myself, but my camera not at all. All of the views, that were visible through the fog/clouds, which we stopped at, were enhanced by the typical weather conditions. I was bummed that we were not able to see as much, but what I did see was phenomenal. One of the memories that I will always look back and remember is singing to the Beatles during the ride. They brought us all together during the rainy day to smile at the things we had in common, the love for music.

The last part of the night consisted of an amazing dinner at Danny Mann’s pub. I had the best potato and leek soup, beef lasagna, salad and Bailey’s cheesecake. I don’t thing that I have had a bad experience with food yet. It just keeps getting better! After dinner the Irish Weavers played music and traditional instruments. My standout moment of the evening is when the one played the tin flute to “My heart will go on” from the Titanic movie, and a bunch of us sang to it. It was one of those moments that just come to you in the blink of an eye that you will never ever forget. It was the best way to end the night, and put me to a much-needed sleep.

Side note: I slept about 85% of the time in between the stops, except for the occasional stop for a photo opportunity in the Ring of Kerry. It was also spitting rain all day, so it was also not ideal for the day’s activities, or being in a bus for them. I will say it again; I did love the day besides those factors. The amazing views and clouds made it a uniquely amazing experience.

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