Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cheers to THE most gorgeous town in Ireland

After leaving Dublin at a reasonable time this morning we travelled down through the Wicklow Mountain National Park. It was amazing. The ride there and away from the park was field after field, with every second getting better than the last.

We stopped at the Glendalough visitor’s center and saw what was left of the entrance of a cathedral and archway from 1,000 years age. It was the best opportunity for photos so far on this trip. It was amazing to see the original buildings and their foundations. I took about 300 pictures just at that stop.

Next was lunch at the visitor’s center, where I ate the best sandwich of my life. It was ham and chicken, on a wheat bread with a tomato relish. I loved every bite and it also filled me up.

After filling me up with food, the plan was to put me onto a bus for 3 hours to Cobh. The plan worked and I slept in the most uncomfortable position, just like the others. After I woke up the fact that my neck was hurting went out of my mind the minute that I stepped of the bus. I was blown away at he beauty of the scene. It was like I was in a movie. I want to stay here the rest of my life. Cobh is my kind of town. It hast he small town feel, but with liveliness in the people like city folk.

The hotel is like a palace. I tile floors; leather couches a flat-screen TV half the size of the wall and Greek goddess holding bowls above their heads, who are serving as lamps in the living area. And that is not best part; I have a view of one of the biggest bays in the world. I see glistening water and luscious islands over the town below, which is also accented by a gorgeous cathedral.

As soon as we got situated in the room, we met for a Titanic tour where we learned about the town history leading into the day the ship sailed and sunk in 1912. We walked by the area the people were boarding waited to get aboard, and also say images of the youngest survivor of the wreck and the last survivor to die. I love everything about Titanic, which is why I found the movie just now on my computer and will be watching it before I go to bed.

After the tour we had a split second in our rooms to freshen up before we had to meet for dinner in the hotel restaurant. We had Chinese food, which is the last kind of food I would expect in a hotel in Ireland.

And now I will go to bed with the ringing of bells from the cathedral next door, while watching Titanic. Life is great right now.

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