Thursday, May 13, 2010

The lazy day.

We started the day late, or I as I say it was time for me to sleep in until noon. We first went back to DCU and met with Professor Doyle again. This time the lecture was about the impact of the Internet on Irish mass media. Again, he was very engaging and kept my attention. I have to admit I did get a tad sleepy during our previous visit, but this time I was a-ok. He told us that people just got broadband Internet and because of the slow dial-up its just easier to pick up a paper. And with this too, they have twitter and facebook accounts, buts there are not as attached and up to date with all news outlets as we are in the US.

It was really nice to have a photo day today. We first met with photo agency and PR group Photocall. All three of the guys that spoke gave us some really great advice. One said to not let anything get in out way, and go for every opportunity that comes our way, the other said that the book is your best friend and read all you can to be ahead everyone else.

We also were able to met with Paul Kelly, a photographer tat shots commercial assignments as well portraits with both film and digital. It was great to see all of his work and be on a more one-on-one basis with him. It was easy to get more information out of him than it would have been with 25 people. I really like his images, and hope to be in his position some day. He was really gracious to make up a contest between us, the photo kids, where we win a limited edition copy of one of his images. It’s a really great opportunity to show him my work and to see how I measure up to the rest of the photo group.

The day ended great with karaoke at the Legal Eagle, and then a nice walk home in the misty air walking across the bridge.

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