Saturday, May 15, 2010

My day off. Lazy=learning

Today was a day off. I had the chance to get some needed sleep and start to pack up my things for the big move through the coast to southern Ireland tomorrow, more specifically Cork.

After waking up from a good nights sleep, I stayed inside and uploaded/editing all the photos that I took this week. I was amazed how many I took. It was a great reminder of what I did throughout the week, because as bad as this sounds, I have forgotten some of the transitional things that have been between the media visits and food.

Today I was able to see the people of Dublin in a different way. I walked around and shopped, took pictures, and ate, all while being able to see the people for who they are. All other days I had the time factor in the back of my head and how I was going to get to the next event, and when, or what time it was. I relaxed and enjoyed the day.

While shopping, two others from the group and me went to St. Stephen’s Green, laid in the grass and listened to a steel drum group. It was an incredible experience to be in the middle of the people and be still for a second and not walking right next to them. They were still in the same spot like me for once.

After leaving the nice park with its wonderful flowers, we pumped into protesters who lit fire to some objects in the middle of the street. I was able to get some incredible photos of it, but did not stick around very long because of the high number of officers around us.

We then shopped, ate burgers and milkshakes, then came back and got more laundry and schoolwork done. After a failed attempt to go see a comedy show, I came back to the room and packed up for the trip tomorrow morning. I then met up with about half of the others on the trip for one last beer in Dublin. It was a great end to the week, even though I left then early to come and talk with my parents, which would have been a great way to end the night if they would be by any of their phones. I called and left 6 messages to friends and family. At least I heard their voices on their voicemail.

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