Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dancing with the locals

I first have to say that tonight was THE best day of my life. After a great nap that followed the morning activities, I went along with 10 others to dinner in the rain (and yes, I now understand the “regular” weather in Ireland because all that I have been subjected to so far is pretty clouds and sun/ semi-overcast), then we went to the bar, O’Shea’s Pub, that we went to for dinner yesterday for a pint or two.

We stayed for a bit, had fun but then as the night went on people left in twos. By 11 or so there were 6 of us. During our festive time a house band of a guitar, banjo and an accordion. We attempted to dance and goof off, but when the local’s found out that we were from Pittsburgh, PA they were more than kind to introduce us to Irish dance and talk about the steel city. They even let a few of us sing a few American songs at the mic with them.

I was more than excited when an older man came up and invited me to learn the Irish jig, and them for him to come up later with a bunch of his fellow bar-mates and taught us set dancing. So, us Point Park students set danced our lives out with six of Dublin’s nicest folk.

The beginning of the day had a advertising and public relations focus. We first met with Gerry Davis who is the Chief Executive at the Public Relations Institute of Ireland. He had a lot of very interesting things to say about the ways that Irish PR is slowly coming up to what the US practice, like the use of digital media.

We then headed over Ogilvy & Mather with account planner, Jo Wood. She showed us a great video of the different things they worked on in 2009 and also gave us an interesting insight into the projects they are working on now, like the one for teen depression.

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  1. You seem to be a couple of days behind in your blogs. Are you slacking off?