Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ireland: The beginning

Ireland – oh how I love thee. Other than the few Irish folk who have rush by and push me without any “sorry”, I have greatly enjoyed the trip so far. I now have a secure Internet connection, so I am all set other than not being able to call my mom to say Happy Mothers Day.

We started the day out in Dublin after a connecting flight to Philadelphia before setting off for the 7-hour flight to Ireland. Right out of the gate we went to Grafton Street, which is a major shopping district. I think I might have found my go-to area for breaks and scope out what I will my mom for mothers day – her request.

Next was a visit to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College. It was interesting, but the fact that a huge haze of sleepies was following me crowded my interest in the exhibit.

But on the other hand, on the way to Dublin Castle I awakened from the space-out coma and was amazed with the castle’s buildings and rooms. I love going to castles/estates that have been around for hundreds of years. In a past life I was around during the renaissance. I have to accept it and embrace my love for the wire skirts and uncomfortable corsets that make you pass out.

No just as a shower is approaching, I have received my cash dole from the amazing Rachel The Most Amazing Tour Guide to go by some breakfast groceries.

Then it’s off to my first true Ireland pub experience and a Guinness or two tonight at 7. I hope the sleepy haze does not follow me out of the shower!

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