Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day four in the best CITY ever.

Once again I had an amazing day in Dublin. I am really excited for next week because of the locals telling me the towns are better than the city and I’m already having an amazing time.

In the morning we met with reporter for the Irish Times for breakfast before we went on our way to the US Embassy. She had a lot of great information about the differences between the US and Irish reporting styles. She also explained a lot about how much the digital media has changed from when she started. She said that when she started she had to call down her articles to be printed and now she has five emails and a twitter account.

My time to shine came next. I got the opportunity to be the photographer for the embassy visit. We were only allowed to take in one camera, and I was chosen for the job. I was really nervous because the photos that I took are the only ones that we will have to remember the visit. It was really intimidating because they pushed me through security ahead of everyone, and then gave me specific instructions on what not to do… and then I had to show my passport again to a Marine guard once we were in the building. I was very honored to photograph the visit and have the opportunity to build my portfolio which such great content.

We met with Professor Helena Sheehan at Dublin City College for a lecture about Irish TV drama. It was really funny to hear her talk about how bad the reality shows are and that the dramas/soap operas do not represent Irish culture at all. She was really engaging even though she may have been nervous about the lecture.

After the DCU visit we came back and had a group meeting, which was followed by photo uploading and editing to send off to the school, Post Gazette and Trib. It was really exciting to work collectively in a timely manner. It truly felt like I was in the newsroom working on breaking news.

AND then the fun times commenced. Our group, the bandits and I, went out to O’Shays again to get some food, and a pint, then it was off to the only sports bar that would let us watch the Pens game. It was a great night with great people, and amazing drinks. It was a long day followed by the best night so far, and I do know I said it before, but they just keep getting better.

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